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in u.s. history threaten to undermine support pour the war in afghanistan. >> more than 90,000 documents leaked to a whistle-blower site than official records have ever portrayed. >> this morning, the white house and pentagon are in damage control mode. nick schifrin is in kabul. we begin with john hendren in washington. >> reporter: good morning. most of the tens of thousands of documents are what's called raw intelligence submitted by junior officers. but u.s. intelligence, as well as everyone else are now sifting through them. this flood of documents was written through january 2004 to january 2009. underfunded and undersupported, despite a taliban insurgency at that growing strongerer and fiercer. the white house immediately condemned the leak saying those conditions were exactly why the president announced a new strategy and a troop surge this year. still, the white house is struggling to stem the damage. >> it will create a lot of tension. the national security adviser just put out a release saying this thanes national security. there's a lot ever detail in this. not
, afghanistan announces when it will be ready to police its provinces without u.s. help. so, when can all the troops come home? >>> well worries. a leak in the capped oil well could be a sign of more trouble. but bp has a plan. >>> and a lockup. lindsay lohan becomes the latest star to serve time in just a few hours. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. for the first time, afghan leaders are setting a date when they will be ready to take over national security. >> the big announcement came just hours ago, during a meeting of leaders from around the world, including the u.s. secretary of state. it was a meeting that was nearly interrupted by violence. >> nick schifrin is live in kabul this morning. >> reporter: a busy day. good morning, rob. good morning, vinita. afghan president, hamid karzai, has viewed the hope that his security forces will be able to take control of security in the country in five years. but he never used the date 2014. that is now the date that he hopes that his police, his army, can take control of all 34 provinces across the country. that is a very ambiti
in afghanistan. >> but the gritty details from six years of war is rattling the already shaky support for the u.s. campaign. john hendren joins us now from washington with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. good morning, rob. the head of the website, wikileaks, says what he likes to do is crush those who abuse their power. but the pentagon says when it comes to leaked documents in the war in afghanistan, what they're doing is endangering national security. the sheer scope of the leak is unprecedented. >> there's names. there's operations. there's logistics. there's sources. >> reporter: the biggest security breach in u.s. military history. 92,000 classified documents, published on the website wikileaks. the leaked records detail missions gone horfully wrong. helicopters shot down. and allies, the pakistanis, playing a deadly double-cross with the americans. all of it setting off alarm bells in washington. >> it poses a very real and potential threat to those who are working hard to keep us safe. >> reporter: 180 of the dispatches suggest pakistan's military intelli
as the eastern u.s. bakes in the summer sun. >>> good morning, we're glad you're with us on this monday. after 2 1/2 months and no end in sight, the price tag for the worst environmental disaster in history keeps growing for bp. >> company has now said it has spent $3 billion trying to plug the hole, paying claims to reimbursing the government. and this morning, more of the gulf is closed to fishing. >> 81,000 square miles now off-limits as bad weather keeps many of the oil skimmers in port. matt gutman reports. >> reporter: as the oil gushes, bp is hemorrhaging cash. $1 billion a month on the cleanup alone. abc news learned that the embattled company has demand its 22 minority partners in this botched well pitch in and pay $400 million for the month of may alone. june hasn't been tallied. and having lost half of its stock value since the spill, the company is scanning reportedly for investors all of that as this well shoots 1 million gallons of oil into the gulf today a day. and to clean it up, the world's largest skimmer continues to proul the gulf for oil. bp and the coast guard will decide i
: good morning, vinita. we're expected to receive information on the ten detained in the u.s. on spying allegations. the trade-off is reported to be four others imprisoned in russia. a nuclear weapon scientists who was detained in 2004. all accused of spying for the u.s. all ten suspects were moved to new york, reportedly in anticipation of a release. this mother and brother told abc news in moscow, said he had been given an offer he could not refuse. and was sent to england regardless. the deal was cut after a series of meetings at the russian ambassador's residence between the ambassador and the u.s. diplomat. >> did the spy case come up? likely, it did. am i going to get into details? no. >> reporter: what of those arrested who were not naturalized russians. the relatives of one of the detainees, peruvian born vicky pelaez. but the judge recommended she wait in custody. her lawyer says that pelaez wants to appear in court and has absolutely no interest in going to russia. >> as far as i know, she would absolutely have no desire to go to russia. >> reporter: also what is to be worked
openly. >> we don't see police. there's no police around here. >> reporter: a u.s. district court judge agreed with the obama administration that the arizona law was unconstitutional on its face. arizona filed an appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals. the legal controversy over sp 1070 will likely be decided in the supreme court. brad wheelis, abc news. >>> authorities say the federal judge in the case has been getting threats over her controversial ruling. and they are taking them all seriously. the u.s. marshal spokesman says judge susan bolton, has received thousands of phone calls and e-mails since her preliminary injunction this week. the threats are all being investigated. >>> on capitol hill, the house ethics committee is preparing to try new york congressman charles rangel for a series of ethics violations. the charges against the democrat have now been made public after a two-year investigation. jonathan karl has the story. >> reporter: the ethics committee report on rangel is detailed. and it is scathe. it accuses him of, quote, a pattern of disregard for the laws of th
. >>> meanwhile, general david petraeus won unanimous senate confirmation as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. after the vote, he flew to nato headquarters in brussels to brief officials there. >>> elian gonzalez, the cuban boy who sparked the international custody battle says he's not angry at the miami relatives who fought to keep i'm in the u.s. the 16-year-old boy marked the tenth anniversary of his return with castro. his mother and others fleeing cuba drowned, trying to get to america. >>> time, now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. alex could send more twisters across parts of texas. heavy rain in the gulf coast. flash flooding in corpus chri i christi. several storms in bismarck, stretching into billings and helena, montana. >> 112 in phoenix. 63 in seattle. 80s from the twin cities down to dallas. 70s in chicago, detroit and much of the east coast. miami will climb to 92. new orleans, 87. and atlanta is 89 degrees. >>> when we come back on this thursday, joran van der sloot facing new charges here in the u.s. >>> and new problems for toyota. announcing that more th
in washington for us. thanks, john. >>> the u.s. has slapped iran with a new set of unilateral sanctions. obama signed them lat night at the wall street. and for banks that provide services to iran's government. like the recent u.n. sanctions, these are meant to force iran into giving up its nuclear program. >>> general david petraeus takes up his command in afghanistan today. on the way to kabul, he stopped at nato headquarters in brussels. petraeus assured america's partners that the war strategy has not changed, despite the change in leadership. he arrives in afghanistan, during the season of heaviest fighting. june was the deadliest month for american troops in the nine-year war. >>> two deadly blasts at a muslim site in pakistan. security cameras caught the home when the bombs exploded last night in lahore. close to 40 people were killed in the blast. some blame a group connected to the taliban to be responsible. >>> closer to home, more extreme border violence. just miles from a busy border crossing in arizona, 21 people were killed last night in a gun battle between drug traffickers. mex
evading arrest and taunting authorities in a two-year crime spree in the u.s. and bahamas. stealing cars, boats and planes and flying them despite training. he was dubbed the barefoot bandit and allegedly leaving behind chalk footprints. >> it's expected to be in court this week for arraignment to answer a number of charges. >> reporter: officials in the. bahamas say the charges there will take precedence over the charges in the u.s. eric horng, abc news. >>> democrats could lose their majority in the house in the fall elections. that comes from gibbs echoing what the republicans have been saying for weeks. gibbs says the appear has a lot to do before november. >> i think there's to doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause republicans to gain control, there's no doubt about that. this would depend on strong campaigns by democrats. again, i think we've got to take the issues to them. >> gibbs insists the white house will focus on issues. but says democrats won't hesitate to take aim at republican leaders. >>> one of america's most prominent televangelists is stepping down. re
of the cia, who claim he had been in the u.s. of his own will. now, amiri claims he was kidnapped by the cia last year, whilst on a pilgrimage in saudi arabia. saying he was then placed under intense pressure by his collaborators to cooperate in the first months following his alleged kidnapping. and he was offered $50 million to stay in the u.s. this contradicts what washington is saying, that amiri was a willing zefecter. also, "the washington post" claims that amiri was paid $5 million for information on iran's nuclear program. if this is the case, it is unclear if he would be able to access that money. amidst the confusion of this case, what is certain is that iran is claiming this as a victory. it has reclaimed a man that has potentially been on the inside of a cia operation. rob? >> all right. sonia gallego in london. >>> and here at home, a billboard that seemed to compare president obama to hitler and lenin has been removed. it was put up last week by the north iowa tea party. the group says that was a bad decision that misrepresents the tea party movement. >>> and cleaning up in the
filmmaker roman polanski is a free man this morning. switzerland refused an extradition request from the u.s. yesterday. polanski fled los angeles in 1977, after pleading guilty to having sex with a teenager. the u.s. says it will continue to seek custody of polanski. >>> another blow for mel gibson in another shocking audiotape. >> the recordings of the angry actor just do not seem to end now. radaronline, has obtained conversations between gibson and his former girlfriend. holding up the ipad now. you can hear the tapes again on he was captured on tape. using racial slurs as part of the conversation. >> this comes as gibson is the focus of a domestic violence investigation, by the l.a. county sheriff's department. tune into "good morning america." they will air portions of these tapes, edited versions, of course. much of the recordings can't be heard or aired on live television. >> extremely disturbing. >>> other news now. some harsh words from cleveland cavaliers owner dan gilbert are going to cost him. gilbert called lebron james, narcissistic and cowardly last week. and
this morning. what she's doing is unveiling $500 million in development projects. the hope is if the u.s. can win points with the pakistani people and the pakistani military and the pakistani government can go after militants in afghanistan. it's those militants who have made afghanistan more violent ever ever, increasing security fears. >> reporter: in the afghan capital, police are gearing for a fight. hillary clinton an and her counterparts from 50 countries have arrived here. and the city is on edge. the major general is responsible for keeping kabul safe. the enemies of afghanistan will do their best to show the international community there is no peace or security, he says. those enemies succeeded. the suicide bomber killed three people here. the remnants of the bomber or the victims remained on this street long after the attack. this will give you a sense of the scene of a suicide explosion. over there, there's body parts from the suicide bomber, we won't show you those. over here, a motorcycle that was either hit or used by the suicide bomber. a sense of fear. obviously, worried about
in afghanistan is more violent than ever. last month was the deadliest for u.s. troops. and more afghan civilians are dying than ever before. and as more americans die in afghanistan, more americans back home are questioning the war. in december, 52% said the war was worth fighting. today, that number is 43%. the increased fighting has a lot to do with it. as fewer troops die in iraq, support for that war has increased. up 8 points to 42%. but right now, americans are deeply concerned about whether both wars are worth it. the u.s. has spent $1 trillion in iraq and afghanistan. and more than 5,500 men and women have been killed. but still, only about half say the iraq and afghanistan wars have improved long-term american security. the fear for the u.s. in afghanistan, the next few months will only get more violent. and that could further erode u.s. support. >> we're engaged in a contest of wills. our enemies are doing all they can to undermine the confidence of the afghan people. >> reporter: and support in a lot of the skepticism comes from president obama's own party. whereas 57% of republicans
in temperatures not usually seen until the dog days of summer. >>> relationship reset for the u.s. and israel. more on a high-stakes meeting today at the white house. >>> and hack act. pranksters on youtube target singer justin bieber. and fans trying to see his videos get an eye-full. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. for millions across parts of the midwest, and along the east coast, they can look forward to another day of excessive temperatures today. >> it is another day to do just what these folks were doing yesterday, whether it was in a water park in indiana or seeking relief from a water fountain here in new york city. >> this guy seemed to have the right idea in the detroit river. you can get used to it because it is happening again today. >> it's hot out there. john hendren seeking shelter from the early morning heat in our washington, d.c. bureau. good morning, john. >> good morning, jeremy and vinita. for people on the east coast, it's the kind of heat that radiates through your shoes. and it's only likely to get worse. it could be the worst heat wave in decades. >>
's the first spy swap between the u.s. and russia in 24 years. ten spies head for mother russia, a reminder that cold war-style espionage is alive and well. >> the cold war is over. but the game goes on. >> reporter: in an extraordinary spy swap, the russian spies pleaded guilty to acting as unregistered foreign agents. and were sent home after serving only 11 days. >> they feel under deep cover, a lot of time, they're sleepers. they stay dormant. >> reporter: after arriving in vienna today, they are expected to be exchanged for four russian prisoners, including igor sutyagin, who insists he is innocent. >> you come to america, to spy on americans in america, you will be exposed and arrested. >> reporter: the attorney for 28-year-old anna chapman said she had only given information freely available over the internet. >> some paid a high price. as his parents headed to russia, this teenage boy, juan lazaro jr. is left behind. >> they're worried about getting 25 years here. >> reporter: the lawyer for his mother, vicky pelaez says the russian government promised visas for her children. lawyer
to the u.s. he grabbed a quick hot dog lunch with new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >>> tens of thousands of people remain without power this morning after wild weather ripped through new york city area. strong storms battered parts of new york, new jersey and connecticut with pounding rain, 60-mile-per-hour winds, lightning, even some reported tornadoes. >>> today will be a much calmer day in the northeast. severe storms in the middle of the country, with 80-mile-per-hour winds, golf ball-sized hail and flash flooding. strong thunderstorms in kentucky and tennessee. heavy rain and flooding from eastern colorado to arizona. >> and phoenix will be a bit cooler than normal at 101. it's 90 in sacramento. and 70 in seattle. kansas city climbs to 94. and detroit, 84. a high of 91 here in new york. 89 in boston. and 93 in atlanta. >>> still ahead, paying the price. how much the sex scandal has cost tiger woods in those lucrative endorsements. >>> and it's been a summer of stingrays and sharks. now, the biggest species of jellyfish comes ashore. >>> and the daring rescue, just secon
that special coverage later tonight. >>> in afghanistan, a car bomb and gun fight have killed three u.s. troops and five civilians. it happened in kandahar at the entrance of a police headquarters. a suicide bomber slammed a car into the entrance, then insurgents opened fire. the taliban has already claimed responsibility for the attack. >>> in new orleans, six current and former police officers are facing federal charges for deadly shootings just days after hurricane katrina. two men died and four others were wounded in shootings that took place on a bridge that, at the time, was packed with people. prosecutors say the officers lied to investigators and planted evidence to make those shootings appear justified. four officers charged with the most serious offenses could face the death penalty if convicted. >>> the teen nicknamed the barefoot bandit, is behind bars in miami this morning. in just a few hours, colton harris-moore begins his latest trip. this one to the american justice system. it follows the teen's dramatic capture in the bahamas, as dan guevara. >> reporter: colton harris-moore a
, democrats are not eager for a full-blown trial. >>> a u.s. military cargo jet has crashed in alaska, with four people onboard. the c-17 went down at elmendorf air force base, near anchorage. witnesses describe a fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the sky after that crash. the plane was on a routine training mission. but had no word on the fate of the crew. the boeing c-17, is a massive transport plane. it's used to carry equipment, supplies and troops directly to the battlefront. >>> also, three people are dead after their medical helicopter crashed into a neighborhood in tucson, arizona. the pilot, a nurse and a paramedic were onboard. the faa says the pilot was in contact with air traffic controllers before the accident. and there was no indication of any trouble. >>> michigan governor jennifer granholm is blasting efforts to clean up a pipeline oil spill along the kalamazoo river. the pipeline company has promised to double its workforce. more than 1 million gallons has spilled, coating fish and wildlife. oil has been seen 35 miles down the river, heading toward lake michiga
made headlines. brian vinas, accused of attacking a u.s. military base in afghanistan, and providing al qaeda with details about new york's rail system. many, including chesser, allegedly used the internet to contact radicals like anwar al awlaki, who has been tied to the ft. hood massacre and the failed christmas day and times square bombings. >> i think this is what we have feared for a very long time, that finally the ideology of radical islam is effectively reaching into the united states, to disaffected people here. over the internet, and through other ways. >> reporter: authorities are in a race against time to find these domestic radicals before there's a successful attack here at home. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >>> three officials whose huge salaries sparked outrage in a small california town have resigned. the decision was announced after a closed door meeting early this morning. anger had been building ever since it was revealed the city administrator made nearly $800,000. and the police chief, $457,000. the average salary for residents of the town was about $30,000
terrorism. >>> we know the brits have their queen. but here in the u.s., we await word from king james about his future. our king is, of course, lebron james, who says he will reveal where he will be playing next season, on thursday night, during an hour-long primetime special airing on espn. >> network officials say james and his officials requested the unusual venue for the announcement. and they have no idea what that decision is. >>> a routine foul ball went wrong in a game between the rangers and the indians. a fan in the second deck was trying to catch that ball. he lost his balance and fell 30 feet on to the seats below, injuring at least 4 other people. paramedics said the man was responsive and was able to move his arms and legs. >> very lucky. >>> as for action on the field, here's jonathan coachman at espn news. >> good morning. plenty of good baseball from tuesday night. we're going to start out on the west coast. the yankees and the a's. a-rod, a huge night. tied at 1-1. top third. bases loaded. gone. a-rod 21st career grand slam. tied for second all-time. but he wasn't done. to
take effect tomorrow as scheduled. some groups and the u.s. justice department have filed lawsuits to stop it. >>> and it's been 100 days since the deepwater horizon has exploded in the gulf, leading to the nation's worth environmental disaster. the new head of bp is now vowing to stop the leak, clean up the beaches and restore shareholder value. >>> firefighters in california are battling a wind-driven fire that's burning out of control in a mountain community 70 miles north of los angeles. flames have already destroyed as many as 40 homes. >>> and president obama is spending the day in the new york area. he's visiting a new jersey sub shop to talk about his lending initiative for small businesses. he's also attending fund-raisers in manhattan. and will also tape an appearance on "the view." >>> now, for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues right after this. . mom: look at all these fabulous geeks! there are so many! look at this one! it helps you video chat with mom! son: bingo! mom: look at this one. you can video chat with
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)